We see a lot of CV mistakes, often. Here are some of the most common CV mistakes we see that are a simple fix. 

Spelling – Always run a spell check on your CV. If written English isn’t important in the role that you are applying for, minor spelling mistakes might be easily forgiven, but numerous spelling and grammar mistakes throughout your CV might suggest to potential employers that you don’t pay attention to detail.
Grammar – One particular grammar mistake that we see a lot is inconsistent use of full stops, typically in short sentences when bullet points are used. Either use full stops consistently or don’t use them at all when writing short bullet pointed sentences.

Another common grammar mistake in CVs is the use of capital letters. Apart from beginning sentences with a capital letter, they are correctly used in the naming of titles including; job & membership roles, peoples names, locations, businesses, and specific official documents, ie;Bachelor of Arts. Generally this doesn’t include capitalisation of conjunctions/linking words, ie; of, and, in.

Missing dates – For each of your roles, the date range for the span of your employment should include the month and year.
Lengthy paragraphs – In most cases we recommend using bullet points rather than paragraphs under your work experience and skills sections, maximising ease and efficiency of reading.
Too many pages – We recommend keeping the content of your CV as “to the point” as possible, 1-3 pages is generally a good length.

It is important that you avoid making these common CV mistakes to give you the best chance of putting your best foot forward when you can’t be physically seen and heard by a potential employer.