Is your CV hindering your job application success?

Did you know that the job application success rate is only 2-3.4%, based on an average of 10% of applicants making it through to the interview stage.

The 10% of applicants that secure a job interview for a job role are those whose CV’s are most specific to the advertised job role. To give yourself the best chance of securing a job interview, get specific.

With a target job role in mind, consider the following…

      1. Is your personal statement relevant to the job you’ve applied for?

Your CV should include a personal statement, which should be at the top (first page) of your CV. This is the first bit of information that a potential employer will see.

Your personal statement should be a short paragraph.

The purpose of a personal statement is to provide a concise overview of who you are professionally, what you do well, and what you plan to do.

       2. Do your skills match the job you’ve applied for?

If you have a varied work history then you will have a variety of skills. Skills that are irrelevant to the job that you are applying for, take up valuable space on your CV.

We recommend listing 6-10 key skills that are relevant to your target job.

        3. Work experience that packs a punch…

You don’t need to include your entire work history on your CV, and you don’t need to outline every duty, responsibility, and achievement within a job role.

If you have a long work history, or an extensive variety of duties under your various job roles, don’t be tempted to include everything.

We recommend 6-8 bullet points for each job role, keeping in mind what is going to align with your target job role.

Keep in mind when updating your CV that the objective of employers is to hire the best person for the job.

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