A concussion suffered by co-founder Stephen Reed was the trigger for creating Jobhop.

As he tried to find a way to get back into the workforce while recovering from his injury, he witnessed many people in a situation where they couldn’t commit to a permanent job. Whether it was due to medical conditions, family circumstances or other situations, there were many people with some capacity to work who couldn’t find a way to access short-term work.

Jobhop is the Solution

Jobhop is a web-based advertising platform for individuals to connect with businesses and private households who need work done. Our mission is to break down barriers to work in New Zealand and make it easier to find and pay people for general labour work.

Our vision is based around helping other people (that’s where the HOP comes from!) to find local work and workers when they need them. Jobhop opens up opportunity for people who may not have the capacity to work full days on a routine basis and it also provides a means for quick access to income when it’s needed most. We also provide a way to build work history and soft skills.

Safe, Secure Smart-matching & Jobhop Does the Admin

When you register as a Jobhopper you’ll be smart-matched with jobs posted by identity-verified job providers (both businesses and private households). They will post jobs for anywhere between 1-16 hours in length in a variety of industries. They can either make them public or offer them directly to a specific Jobhopper they know. Once you are accepted for a job, you complete the work and the Job Provider rates you on 5 characteristics: punctuality, communication, work quality, if you are dressed fit for purpose, and if they would recommend you.

Get Paid the Same Day

Jobhop takes care of the invoicing for you and transfers payment on the same day – the system automatically deducts withholding tax and files direct with the IRD. All jobs are paid at a gross rate of $21.50 and there is a small $1.20 fee per hour worked to advertise yourself on the platform. If a business decides to offer you a permanent position after working with you through Jobhop – go for it, there are no contract buyout or agency fees for them to pay!

Coping with Covid-19

While it appears that Jobhop has come about as a response to Covid-19, it’s actually been in the works for over 18 months. Working with different government agencies to ensure that the platform can assist people to get into work, has taken a lot of planning and discussion. It also took time and effort to secure registration with the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), Financial Disputes Resolution Scheme (FDRS), as a Financial Services Provider (FSP), and with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for Anti-Money Laundering reporting.

The timing of our recent launch has coincided with a time when many people are out of work and businesses aren’t able to commit to employing more people. So, we see ourselves as a great way for a business to bridge the gaps until services are moving back to “normal”.

How Does Jobhop Work for Businesses?

Jobhop allows businesses to maximise their time by outsourcing simple tasks that need to get done for just $25/hr. It’s a platform to connect with temporary workers available for work right now. It’s a great way for a company to trial a worker without having to commit to a casual contract at that stage. Every time they hire a Jobhopper, they give someone an opportunity. Their business (and community!) becomes stronger, more resilient, more skilled, and more flexible. You get short-term labour for $25/hr so you can keep your workforce flexible, your overheads low, and streamline your business functions – all in just a few clicks

Join Jobhop today!

We are currently reaching out to businesses and individuals to get on our fast-growing platform. Head over to the Jobhop Website to sign up.